4 Dream Holidays Destinations

I know, picking the right holiday could be an extremely painful process. From choosing the right place to booking flights and hotels, this could be a massive source of stress. With this in mind, we’re here to help you. These are 4 absolute dream holiday destinations for everyone who’s struggling with decisions.

Number One: Los Angeles

America is always a great decision, especially if you love big cities. Los Angeles could also be a great pick for the ones who are looking for a great seaside, white beaches and (probably) the best nightlife in the world. With places like the Hollywood Hills and Santa Monica, it’s quite easy to understand why the city of angels is always picked as one the best holiday destinations in the world.

Number Two: New York

Not a fan of the California dream but still willing to visit a big city in the US? New York could be the perfect choice for you. Being probably one of the busiest cities in the world, New York could satisfy literally everyone’s tastes. From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, passing through the MoMa, there’s literally no reason why the big apple shouldn’t be on this list.

Number Three: London

If you’re looking for a European city to visit, London could be the best choice for you. The capital of the UK is definitely a melting pot of cultures, food and technologies. The net dualism of pure British culture and the fact that the city has embraced the above-mentioned variety of cultures doesn’t, unfortunately, reduce the extremely high prices the city offers. We recommend, especially when dining out in London, using apps like the Dines app, which offers the best restaurant deals in the city.

Number Four: Rome

Italy’s capital is also (as a recent study pointed out) amounting for 14{9847b1fb14e952543426f33922a22fb1d939b0f78066a66d9377057d7ae94c6a} of Europe’s history for what concerns architecture and art. This should already be a massive point in pushing you to visit the city but, if that’s not enough, we can always bring on the food card. With dishes like Carbonara and Amatriciana (both born there!), Rome could also be the dream destination for foodies worldwide.