5 Cities You Must See Before You Die

When it comes to travelling, oceans and mountains aren’t the sole destinations you can pick. In fact, in the last couple of years, cities have become the most wanted and desired holidays in both winter and summer. Why is that? Mainly because people are picking a metropolis just because of comforts, hotels, museums, arts and architecture. To sum up, the concrete jungle is literally taking over nature when it comes to travels. Let’s analyse the matter in more detail with the best 5 cities you can pick for your holiday.

Number 1: New York

When you think about a concrete jungle, New York is probably the first city which comes to mind. In 2018, New York was picked as “the most desired city to visit” by 3 different travelling agencies. With literally everything ranging from art to technology to entertainment, the Big Apple is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Number 2: Tokyo

Many are comparing Tokyo to New York, stating the fact that the only difference lies in the culture discrepancy: whilst New York is the peak of what’s known as today’s western culture, Tokyo represents a vast majority of the Asian one, with temples, monuments and museums colliding with advanced technology and extravagant buildings. Tokyo is definitely the go-to destination for the tech enthusiast. If you’re travelling from Europe and you’re planning on spending a lot of time there, you should sign up for a Visa, which, if you’re in the UK, could be easily obtained from any immigration lawyers or immigration solicitors.

Number 3: Rome

Italy has always been a loved destination, mainly because of its incredible food and its art and architecture. Rome is definitely the symbol of such statement, with buildings like the Pantheon and the Colosseum and the legendary Trevi’s Fountain. Although being extremely big, Rome drastically differs from the two previously mentioned ones, given the fact that it doesn’t have the same “technological footprint” as those two. With this being said, if you love art, architecture and food, Rome will definitely be a great shot.

Number 4: Los Angeles

Isn’t it weird that all the coolest cities are in the US? Not really, given the fact that Los Angeles is pretty unique, therefore, quite worth a journey. With places like Hollywood, Malibu and Venice, if you’re a fashion victim or just a massive cinema fanatic, this is definitely an amazing choice.

Number 5: London

London is a melting pot where you could literally find everything and anything: from vibrant food markets to traditional places like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye, London is the European (for now) jewel everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.