Check out the types of metal roofs that are booming because of its modern and elegant appearance only here! Guaranteed, the house will be more beautiful!

The role of the roof in a building is very important. Not only to protect the house from the heat and cold weather, but the roof also serves as a complement to the facade of the house. The roofing contractors Oshkosh Wi is highly recommended roofing contractors for roof installation or roof repairs.

If the roof of the house is built properly and correctly, following the right design and shape, the appearance of the house will certainly look more attractive.

Of the various types of roofs, metal roofs are on the rise lately. More and more fans, ranging from small houses to huts, this type of roof you can find everywhere!

How not, metal roofs are already known for their durability and strength. Let’s be clearer, let’s understand the type of metal tile one by one!

Types of Metal Roofs

  1. Metal Standing Steam Roof

This type of metal roofing is more popular among commercial houses.

It looks very modern thanks to the straight lines that line the surface, and the metallic color that looks shiny and smooth.

The metal steam standing roof uses an interlock system, which is the construction of the roof truss which integrates directly with the roof so that if an earthquake or is affected by a shock, this roof will not come loose or move at all.

  • Stainless Steel Metal Roof

Stainless steel metal roof has a heavier load than metal steam standing.

The material is made of perfect ultra-permanent material so it is touted as a roof that offers maximum protection.

This type of metal roof you can find anywhere, especially in large buildings such as hotels, factories, or soccer stadiums.

Not only that, because of its thickness, this one roof is very suitable to be installed in houses in extreme temperatures.

  • Galvalume Steel Metal roof

Although both are made of metal iron, a galvalume steel roof is coated again with a layer of aluminum and zinc so that it is stronger and thicker.

The roof looks like a sheet of zinc planted on a frame gorging beam or glued together with a screw.

In addition to being thick and strong, the type of galvalume steel metal roof is the choice of many residents because of its superiority which does not rust quickly.

Despite being thick, the galvalume steel roof plate is lightweight, flexible and easily installed so the installation process does not take a long time.

  • Copper Metal Roof

The copper metal roof is also superior!

The roof that looks like a concrete roof is the right choice for people who want to decorate the facade of the house because the roof can be shaped according to our wishes.

Copper metal roof surface of various kinds, ranging from the pattern of lines to the shape of fish scales.

The building that usually applies this type of metal roof is the dome of the mosque, church, to a large museum.

Strong durability arguably can reach 100 years!

  • Sandy Metal Roof

The next type of metal roof is a new discovery in the row of roofing designs and materials.

Some of the advantages of sandy metal roofs are scratch-resistant, shatterproof, impact and shock resistant, and can reduce heat.

  • Spandex Metal Roof

Spandex metal roof made of galvalume, which is a mixture of aluminum and zinc.

However, there are some spandex metal roofs that are added silicon material so that the roof is more flexible and not easily broken. Usually, this type is more expensive and requires more time to install.

Spandex metal roofs are usually installed in large malls, factories, shop houses, or warehouses.

The surface is bumpy, an advantage because it will be easier to paint.

  • Millennium Metal Roof

Just like the sandy metal roofing of the millennium metal roof is also the latest breakthrough among roofing house models.

Millennium metal roof is arguably the most suitable for minimalist homes because it looks stylish, metallic, and futuristic.

It is light in weight but the material is one of the strongest materials for roofing and can be recycled.

  • Metal Multi Roof

Multi roof metal roof is a roof made of aluminum and zinc-coated steel, two materials that are known to protect the roof from the rust.

The surface looks simple made of two layers of interlocking roofs making it suitable for minimalist homes.

The advantage of this metal tile is that its surface is painted using the latest technology so it is not easy to peel in decades.